Stewart C. Stevens was born in Washington, DC and raised as a native Washingtonian. He came from very humble beginnings. Stewart was educated in the Washington, DC public school system and attended Browne Jr. High school named in honor of Hugh Mason Browne, a Black American pioneer. Hugh Mason Browne was an influential educator and creative thinker whose ideas were a part of the early development of African American education and civil rights. Although Stewart did not have much education, he had earned a degree in the University of Adversity during the course of his life.

Stewart went on to embark on a career with the National Guard Army which took him abroad to various military bases in the United States, Heidelberg Germany and back home to his family and friends. Although he trained as a Military Police, MP, he faced various challenges in the 1950’s with regard to discrimination and never became the police he dreamt of becoming.

Later, Stewart developed the trade and had a talent for cleaning and washing windows and polishing chandeliers. This skillset was developed before working for the White House with an established small business that was owned and operated as a partnership with his brother in the early 1960s. Stewart went on to marry Janice M. Stevens and started a family.

As Stewart shares his life story before and after the White House and the experiences, he also shares some historical events, views to society and advice to others as it relates to how he performed his job and how he faced challenges while working for seven U.S. Presidents. He shares how he mastered the technique of getting out there in thin air daily and working afterhours at White House State Dinners to support his family for 34 years.Stewart exposes the White House to his audience through portraits, photos, memorabilia, souvenirs autographed by Presidents, Diplomats and Hall of Famers and some personal and intimate photos of himself and his family.

Stewart Calvin Stevens is a man of rare essence!