Dear Stewart,

I do want you to know that I am mindful and deeply appreciative of your cooperation and your commitment, and for the tolerance shown by your family and friends at the over-long hours you put in—not just for me, but for the big job we are all trying to do together.

-President Gerald R. Ford, 38th President
Dear Stewart,

In the performance of your duties you have always shown your multiple awareness of these multiple meanings at the White House, you’ve helped keep it a hearth of warmth for Nancy and me and a house of welcome for visitors and dignitaries from every part of this Nation and the world.

-President, Ronald W. Reagan, 40th President
Dear Mr. Stevens,

Thank you for your personal efforts toward the success of our state visits honoring their Majesties the Emperor and Express of Japan, President and Mrs. Yeltsin and President Mandela. The President and I deeply appreciate your dedication and teamwork and look forward to working with you to welcome other heads of state to the White House.

-Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady, 42ndPresident Clinton

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